How to Eat to Live

How to eat to live, not how to live to eat

Avoid that white bread, it should be wheat

Matter of fact, if it’s white, throw it out

Listen to Elijah Muhammad and Farrakhan, they wouldn’t lie about

What foods to eat and what foods to stay from

They got their knowledge from Master Fard, no bum

No, he is God in person come to save his people

Most preachers are too high on their steeples

To listen to these great men and teachers

The bishops, priests, leaders, and preachers

Have their mouths in the enemy’s kitchen

Stuck in the white man’s religion, “I’m a Christian”

Well, food influences the thoughts of men

Why does he fear now since he is a big man?

Because, the Devil taught him to eat the wrong food

Fear is put into our food which gives us a skewed

Vision of who our real enemy is, we’re killing ourselves

To the joy of our enemy, our slave masters themselves

We should strive to eat to live not eat to die

The best dessert you could have is bean pie

Eat one meal a day, and live to 150

You might even live pass 160

You will hardly ever even get sick

You will surely get a great kick

Out of eating healthy, so many benefits

DO NOT EAT PORK, that’s an emphasis

Unless you want a heart attack

Who is leading in diseases? The brown and the black

We’re killing ourselves and loving it

Loving this food into a mighty pit

Loving this food until death do us part

If you avoid this food right from the start

Of life then you can live up to 900

You will have life, and life abundant

You can live off of just bean soup, bread, and milk

Your health will be as smooth as silk

It’s that pure milk I’m talking about, though

The navy bean battles radiation, ending your woe

Of getting cancer, better make homemade bread

You can even find you some pure butter to spread

Stop going to McDeath, Murder King, and Taco Hell

Keep eating fast food and your body will be a shell

Make sure you remember how to eat to live

We’re being killed, and that’s not easy to forgive

How to eat to live, not how to live to eat

Learn this, and you surely won’t be beat


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